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General thoughts / suggestions

Post by Jaize_ on Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:13 pm

1. I would try and start with a really general outline of things. If you plan on having races / classes (I think this is a cool idea that obviously never got utilized), you could think of a back story of your world. Give it a little history, figure out where it is now, and so on...could give you possibilities for future content and would be pretty different from most games like this. If you go the route of multiple races, I would try to have a mix of familiar (humans, dwarves, elves) and unfamiliar (maybe a combo insect/human creature, a race of beings made out of ice, or whatever oddities that could fit in).

2. Other things to think about: do you want all the same skills as Drakor or do you want to add / remove some? Do you want nodes / pattern skills to work the same? Tools / rings (if you have those)? Do you want to make use of slots like Drakor has that werent added like necklaces / trinkets? FFS, do not do combat like Drakor requiring 12s timers or at least have other options for it, but a system like Drakor's with afk combat would cause massive inflation, so how to handle that? We should probably have a big discussion about combat since Drakor's system is kind of broken anyway.

3. Think about ways to encourage people to work together but still allow people to have fun solo since a lot of people will play solo anyway. A number of our group used to play a game where you could do 'heists' and 'organized crimes' which offer group scenarios players can do for some extra possible bonuses and occasionally negative effects on 3hr and 6hr timers, something like that could encourage even non-guild players to interact. Guild projects, daily / weekly / monthly? guild quests.

4. When you eventually get to coding, have a solid flexible code base in place if possible. I think it's important to take your time getting the foundation built well because presumably things will get more challenging to add as time goes on and more and more interactions between different parts of the code overlap. I know nothing of these things, this is just from hearing from the devs regarding how easy or difficult it is to change certain things over time.


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Re: General thoughts / suggestions

Post by Bl00D4NGEL on Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:46 pm

Suggestion from my work colleague:
When I implement the system to CRAFT items, if the player runs on a dry streak (e.g crafts 10 commons or so in a row) the chance to get a better item (uncommon+) rises with every common one gets (Obviously this is not gonna work on patterns that will only result in one rarity anyway)


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