Longterm To-Do List

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Longterm To-Do List

Post by Bl00D4NGEL on Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:35 pm

Things I want to do / think about within the next few months.
Keep in mind that this list is not order and may be modified as needed.
Things I've already done will be marked green, things I've canceled will be red and things that will be delayed / solved otherwise will be marked orange.
The listed  things will be done / attempted / thought over as soon as I get a base structure going

  • Scan through the Drakor Forum to see what users want as features
  • Implement guilds
  • => Think about permissions / roles
  • ==> Add the feature to create custom roles and give those roles specific rights (Only deposit gold or materials etc.)
  • Profiles (Like the Drakor Armory)
  • Tinker with skill balancing (Timers, resource gains)
  • Add content such as more materials, patterns to work with etc
  • Add / Keep a Wiki up to date (Wiki will be hosted on the game, similar to the manual in Drakor)
  • Write a beginners guide ¬†/ Tutorial
  • Add monetary features and premium currency (Paying via Paypal etc)
  • Create a Forum within the game (Like Drakor)
  • Implement a Level system (Maybe with the suggested reincarnation system)
  • Implement a market


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