Shortterm To-Do List

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Shortterm To-Do List

Post by Bl00D4NGEL on Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:28 pm

Things I want to do / think about within the next few weeks.
Keep in mind that this list is not order and may be modified as needed.
Things I've already done will be marked green, things I've canceled will be red and things that will be delayed / solved otherwise will be marked orange.

  • Name for the new game
  • Lore (Where does the game take place? Mystery / Real world?)
  • What Skills are fundamental for the game
  • Set up a basic Login+ a base template for the game
  • Look for hosting services to start hosting my page (Will need to have Perl / CGI support and permissions to install modules as needed) [Temporary will be hosting this on my work colleagues server - once the game grows I'll look for a seperate host]
  • Think about basic Database Structures and Connections between those
  • Be less lazy (!)
  • How should things be timed? (How much time between actions ?) (I will for now use a 60 second timer. Tools and other things will eventually influence this)
  • What features are mandatory for the game to be considered "playable game" (A basic "game" is already playable by now.)
  • What kind of things do I need to be aware of so users will not be irritated by things
  • Draw simple layouts of what I have in mind
  • Look for Images & Other things to use (Free Common?)
  • Implement a Chat system
  • => Add roles such as moderator, player, admin etc
  • => Implement mute / ban / timeout from the game?
  • Add new Skills / Items / "Nodes"
  • Start working on a map to navigate on
  • Work out a small API to communicate with the game server
  • Add Guilds / Clans whatever
  • => Guild storage
  • Work out small help texts (+Display) => LONGTERM: Wiki
  • Forum to share opinions etc.
  • Market
  • Currency
  • Storage?


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