Welcome everyone!

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Welcome everyone!

Post by Bl00D4NGEL on Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:45 pm

Hey everyone!

Thank you for taking time to read this and I promise I won't bother you too long.

I have been thinking about creating my own game, similar to Drakor.

Considering that a good game cannot be done within a week or two but rather over a longer period of time I wanted a place to keep my ideas somewhere.

So I figured (ok not me, but Jaize did) I create a forum and write those ideas into there.

I will try to update this forum with my progress, screenshots and everything else that's related to the new game.

If you got any ideas that you think "this needs to be in the new game" or "this would be really cool" feel free to create a *new* forum post so people can comment under it.

For general feedback and the likes you can write me a pm in Drakor or here and I'll try to respond as soon as possible.


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